Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Thoughts

The year in conclusion is one of many thoughts; as doors closed others were opened immediately afterward.

Relationships which ended resulted in an opening for a better love and joy to come into my life.

I lost a special friend; Leland Truhlar on March 22nd 2010. Memory of his efforts in life will never leave me. His willingness to give and assist others should be adopted and embraced by others; the world would indeed be for the better.

A special daughter was adopted into a love filled home; the possibilities of such love being extended to a family of birthright was stripped of them; unloved, ignored, and denied such possibility. Such a chapter is now concluded, and ending in positiveness. is my email

An ex wife was stripped of her parental rights while chained and handcuffed to a table; the possession of her physically was very apparent, the demon inside her was locked down in it's cage Debi's physical self as it twisted turned and churned inside her it screamed loudly in the court room; "He owes me! I should not be here! If he was paying his spousal support I would be free of all of this!"

To my extended family by marriage I will state this; I owe your daughter NOTHING! In capital letters I will in turn YELL it back. She stole thousands of dollars from me over 7 years of marriage and stuffed it up her nose while I was enslaved to General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman; two thankless entities that consumed my loyalties without a "thank you" uttered in return. Personal items such as a family created; table made by my grandfather, a coin collection of silver from the 1840's to 1964, and a Stamp collection worth over $15,000 simply walked away.

The home at 2240 Anthony Court was utterly destroyed from within; a kitchen was stripped of all; no longer functional, the heater exhaust was routed into the home and was on FULL BLAST filling the house with carbon Monoxide on the night of 1 May 1995 when I received it filled with 3 1/2 feet of trash, smelling of mice and dog piss, covered in graffiti from wall to wall throughout the home; the magic mushroom art in the main bedroom will never leave my memory. The soaked blood at the bottom of the stairs s surely representative of the accident which occurred to my daughter Juanita, and covered up by Helen Ballard, and Dr. Phillup Ballard; someone stitched the wound on Penelope's head.

Seeing Deborah Cherie Meazell in an orange jump suit in the El Paso County jail was not satisfaction for me. Such a moment will not restore the over $65,000 in damage to my home, nor will it make Penelope remember how to speak in sentences and become much aware. Debi suffers from a possession which has turned her into a prostitute and whore; she ruined her children and marital home. Debi's parents do not get to extend their anger at me for how she fell off the apple tree but they can compensate me for 7 years of raising their grand daughters, and the damage to my home; if not I will continue to paint a story the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado will enjoy hearing as a soap opera; as dirty laundry that lingers.

In closing; I am grateful to Kay Alonzo for taking care of my little one, for embracing "Penny" as her daughter and loved one.

Christmas 2010 Refections - Angels

It is "Angel's" and I'll relate my story about Angel's... 12 years ago I was a USAF Master Sergeant who believed I should reveal to my troop's where they will possibly end up one day... inside a VA hospital in the waning years and moments of their life. I wanted them to become more politically involved and aware of the ongoing turmoil within our VA system so I took them to the Denver VA Hospital for a first hand look.

I have always been willing to thank earlier veterans for their contributions to our nation; their sacrifice and patriotism is appreciated and there are many in our VA hospitals who are overlooked day in and day out after their contributions and I sought to have an impact within my circle of influence.

On that trip I walked through the front door; awaiting me was "Charlie" a retired Sergeant who was on his last legs of life with the drip bottle attached to him. He was a pitiful sight in his final moments, a stark contrast from what was his much mightier patriotic self years earlier. He spoke weakly and meekly to me in what was surely his most precious final moments of life. He said to me;"Sarge... come here, please. "

I could barely hear him.. the years of loud race cars, jet noise, M-16's, grenade launchers, and screaming kids had made me strain to hear him. I felt it was important... I knew it was important... He continued; "I am Charlie, a retired US Army Sergeant. Many years ago I stood on a battle field in Korea and I watched men be overwhelmed and slaughtered. I cried out to God on that moment. I screamed out "God help me!" on the battlefield. I was 22 years of age, and had watched my friends continue to die on all sides around me."

I was transfixed by this moment. Charlie continued; "An Angel came before me. The Angel was over 14 feet tall, and it was as I was... a very tall bright gleaming white man with wings, a shield, and a sword that shined. I fell to my knees, and praised God for answering me. I promised I would tell this story every day of my life to anyone who would hear of it, a moment that I experienced. I proclaim to you there is a God, and such Angel's do reside amongst us."

I was captured by this story... My nick name is "Charlie" (actually it is "Charlie D") and the few who know of this are dead and gone. The secret of such a nickname would be only known by God himself. The story that was revealed by the ailing US Army Sergeant was intended for me.

I testify his story is true. I believe him. I have known men to die for many things in life, and they have revealed their most private secrets to me in their final moments; but not one of them died for a lie.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 What will it bring?

Another year is here... what will it bring?

Thus far it has been determined to usher in more pain into others live's... an impending divorce between Lelland and Janet... if he actually lives to see the day of the divorce with his health conditions deteriorating.

We both married into a family that kept us "on the outside... looking in." We identified that we were mere placement keepers, to be in a spot temporarily or at thebeck and call of their daughters... in an as needed state of existance. Never fully embraced, or intended to be part of the family.

This will be a 4th year of a wealthy clique ignoring in their view... a blight in the family... a down's syndrome child; while they accept infidelity, adultery, drug usage, and unbridled teenage sex under their roof.

I have been unemployed for over three years now.

My sole responsibility has been bringing a damaged little girl back to existance in a world that clearly doesn't want her... or for that fact even want me. To say this is a down moment for me would be an understatement; as Debi is locked away to face case #D0212006CR004670 in Division 4 I do not find a moment of satisfaction. She should be applauded... She clearly was willing to go to jail for her convictions and needs. Perhaps when one has reached a rope's end they should resolve to have the same conviction and outcome?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas 2008 is coming! The X-Mas Card Campaign is at hand!

This is going to be a new twist in reaching those who ignore their flesh and blood.

Please Copy or Print the following... and mail to the following addresses:

Beth and Phillup Ballard
(Grand Parents, and 1/2 sisters Meagan and Madelein POTTER)
825 Carlson Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Billy and Sharron Meazell
(Grand Parents)
5922 WolfCreek Pl
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Janet Meazell
6430 Lange Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado



___ Child Abuser

___ Failed Grand Parent

___ Failed Sister Maddy ___ Failed Sister Meagan

___ Failed Aunt Janet

Merry Christmas to a non-Christian.

Four years of being overlooked and ignored as a gift. This message is being sent to a family who surely needs to be reminded of God's gifts. The community of Colorado Springs, Colorado will also be reminded of your unwillingness to acknowledge Penelope in the, Blog Spot, and the various Internet Website search tools. FREE SPEECH!

Additional commentary:


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall 2008

Early November 2008...

We had an election and my candidate got non-selected which means my agenda and needs will go unfullfilled as we pursue a socialistic agenda that meets the needs of THEY... the infamous understated "THEY" who are now jumping up and down for their Messiah.

Personally I hope Obama fullfills all of dreams and aspirations of "THEY" as he taxes the wealthy; my ex in-laws to death. Maybe he will rape them of their wealth in totality in that they refuse to share any of their prosperity with their grand daughter. I hope the State of Colorado goes after them for their lacking healthcare provisions for their employees, and more.

On a side note: There is Karma after all. Deborah C. Meazell had to go into Penrose hospital for a failing heart... you'd possibly think I would be jumping up and down on this one in jubilant celebration... Not really. She remains the mother of my daughter... biological mother and non existant mother... sort of like the rest of the Meazell family. Capable of handling their other failings in life... like constantly cheating around on their husbands, wives, stealing from business partners ect...

Billy I left a message on your answer machine. (719) 287-1767 is my cell. You owe me a phone call in return.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Time has passed... I admit that I haven't given much thought to this matter as of late. When you are unemployed for going on 3 years... and living on beans and tortilla's to keep a roof over your head you really don't have any free time to give into the anger on your end.

Now we have a Republican VP candidate with a Down's Syndrome child!

Oh boy!

Maybe things will change in perspective?

It has been over a year and a half since I have spoken with my ex "Christian" father in Law. He will vote Republican this Fall for Sarah Palin. He will drive across town to the local voting booth to cast his vote but he won't make the effort to pick up the phone to call me at 719-287-1767 (Cell phone number)... the house phone has been shut off because I no longer can afford it.

My anger has returned.

I won't remain silent anymore...